Monday, November 27, 2006


Em baru ler dapat hadap komputer setelah sekian lama berusaha. Just to update about my health. hehehe

For the whole of Ramadhan this year I was in pain. It was really painful and towards the end of Ramadhan I was walking like an old man. Waking up in the morning was terrible and bathing was equally bad. Got myself admitted to Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar and underwent spinal traction. It was quite an experience sleeping alone in the ward helpless and yet I managed to complete the whole Ramadhan.

Dr. Pravin Dev introduced me to Prof Viknesh (Vicky) of UMSC and he advised me to undergo a Micro-dissectomy. Well, being afraid of the outcome of operation and not wanting to miss Ramadhan, I decided to have the op soon after Ramadhan. Em, Allah is Great. The pain was bad but tolerable during Ramadhan. However, on the second day of Syawal, I was bedriddened bcoz of severe pain. Only then I realised that I should go for op earlier. On the third day of Syawal (Thursday) I went to UMSC. The first leg of my journey from home to HTJ was a very, very painful ne. In fact I cried (insilence) as I walked slowly to the car. Even though Norsham tried to be careful, I was feeling extremely bad until they gave me IM Pethidine and transferred me to an ambulance.

That night at UMC was cold and scary. My feelings were a mixture of fear, regret and humbleness. Luckily, my dear and faithful wife was there to comfort me even though I knew she was not comfortable sleeping in the lazy chair. Thank you Suriya. By the time I dozed off to sleep, I knew I was prepared to faced the outcomes of the operation.

Early Friday morning I woke up feeling a bit oozie and fortunately NOT SCARED. On my way to the OT, many thoughts came to my mind. As I tried to keep Suriya within my sight b'coz I want to see her as long as I can. Wen she left me in the waiting area, only then I felt very lonely. No one holding my hand or talking to me except a staff who asked me a few questions.

The last time I was conscious was when someone told me to breathe through the mask.... the next thing I was awakened by someone. I think he must have called my name or shook me up. It was pretty dark and my head was groggy. I told them that and they pricked my finger to check my blood sugar. Soon I was on my way tback to the ward. Along the way I found out that the pain that was there were no longer bothering me.

Hehehe.. Thank Allah my pain is gone except for numbness and a troblesome subcutaneos pain arounbd my left leg and ankle. Thats not bad compared to the back pain. How much I appreciate good health now.

Thak you to all who have been praying for me.... THANK YOU.


Blogger ahnali said...

ne baba.. even though i'm so far away from you, please do remember than i'm always with you no matter what..
love you loads!!!
may you recover fast!
hana rindu gle kat baba @_@

9:35 AM  
Blogger Tuting Tome said...

hmm... tu aaa dok ingat ok je kan... taktau ape yang di hati ba sebenarnye... nasib baik ma ikut instinct....

2:05 AM  

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